Who is who?


Donatus Thöne (1961) is married with three daughters, studied Law (candidate) and Clinical Pedagogy and at the Anna Freud Institute. He has worked at Philips, Berenschot and was a partner at Krauthammer. Since 2000 he has been working for himself in various partnerships. He guides individuals, teams, he has an emcc accredited Coach de Coach training and gives leadership training in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. He taught the sioo and tias. His latest book ‘Apple pie for managers, recipes for coaching’ has also been translated into English. He is an avid swimmer.


Stance Rijpma (1965) is a coach, writer and editor. She studied Cultural History at the University of Utrecht and worked for museums and other cultural institutions for 15 years. In 2010 she obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychosynthesis at the Institute for Psychosynthesis in Hilversum. Until 2019 she worked in psychosynthesis education and as a PR & communication employee at the Institute. In her practice, Stance guides people who are struggling with existential crises, which relate to meaning and personal development. She contributed as a writer and editor to many catalogues, books, articles and newsletters. She has two children and enjoys singing and scuba diving. www.stancerijpma.nl

Jan de Vuijst

Jan de Vuijst (1954) is a board advisor, executive coach and professor of leadership at tias, the business school of Tilburg University. He graduated cum laude and obtained his PhD in linguistics from the University of Groningen. At the University of Edinburgh he specialized in Psychology and Knowledge Systems. His subjects are leadership, influencing behavior and group dynamics. His publications include Professional advising – understanding, empathy, influencing (2015), Leadership through trial and error (2017) and The power of confrontation. Conflict and resistance in the workplace (2020). Jan loves modern art, old stories, classical music and sea sailing. He lives with his wife in The Hague, almost by the sea, and close to children and grandchildren.


Eric J. Coolen (1965, Haarlem). Draftsman and designer/maker of books, sculptures, facing bricks, stained glass windows and what not. Co-founder of: the Ampzing Genootschap, Literair Haarlem and Nieuwe Gracht Productions. Eric received the Art and Culture Prize de Olifant (public prize), the Medal of Merit from Haarlem and the Antithesis Prize for his work. www.ericcoolen.nl


Henk Tijbosch (1957, ‘s Hertogenbosch) has been addicted to graphic fragrances and products since 1980. He was educated at the Grafische mts in Amsterdam and has been self-taught in the field of DTP since 1988. He works with Eric J Coolen on a wide variety of graphic arts and is one of the members of the Ampzing Genootschap. His working area is in the twelve provinces and sometimes beyond. www.henktijbosch.com