Why a book on leadership now?

Leadership makes the difference between progress and muddling through, between decisiveness and hesitation, between thinking and doing something, between
cooperation and mutual division. For centuries. Leadership also makes the difference in this day and age. It is clear as never before that leadership at all levels is a difficult profession, in teams, departments, companies, countries, continents.
This time calls for a new clarity about what leadership really is. It also seems as if leadership has to be rediscovered in every age,
so again now. For example, if we put the traditional definitions of leadership on today’s leaders, and today’s challenges, we can say that either the leaders or the definitions are wrong.


Why a comic book?

Learning today requires a different approach than learning yesterday: traditionally, learning – including learning about leadership – was text-oriented. In
Increasingly, it appears that learning takes place more and more through images and stories, ie through the use of visual means and through the imagination.
That is why we have decided to cast the red line of these leadership lessons in the form of a comic strip. So that it is accessible to everyone.

About the authors

Drs. Donatus Thone, Prof. Jan de Vuijst and drs. Stance Rijpma work as coaches and consultants and have written several books. Their latest joint book is Care for professionals. Practical tips in difficult times, a manual to support care professionals in times of Corona.
Caring for Professionals has been translated into 9 languages, downloaded 60,000 times, printed 10,000 times and has been in the top 10 management books for 30 days.
On the other hand, certain concepts seem to have eternal value: leadership is about people and their cooperation, direction, there is always an element of personal leadership, self-reflection is a determining quality.
This book helps everyone discover what leadership is needed today and what leader they are and can become. Because it is good what leadership does and does not mean.

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