‘An accessible and clear book for the (beginning) leader in search of personal leadership that suits today’s world. Not a ‘how-to’ book, but a striking collection of models, theories and questions that the reader can provide an appropriate answer to.’ Robert Jan van Berckel, People Partner Northern Europe Google

“I know the authors as very inspiring and knowledgeable trainers and have been anxiously awaiting this book for a number of years. The style and form make the leadership theme accessible and visual.’ Caroline Tervoort, Chief HR Officer KPMG

‘The leadership worries of daily life are portrayed in detail. Leadership as we all know it, and which we have to do something with every day. This (comic) book is set in the place where we spend most of our time, where we find our friends and partners, where we live out our talents and experience exciting moments – this everyday drama is now portrayed like never before. It has become a tragicomic book, where you can experience leadership with a smile and a tear – and where it is not made too difficult. Highly recommended.” Erik de Haan, director Ashridge Hult Center for Coaching and professor of Organizational Development at VU Amsterdam

‘Really distinctive from the typical management books.’ Paulus de Wilt, CEO NIBC

A very nice easy to read book! Through blended learning and with many practical examples, concepts about leadership are clearly expressed and visualized.’ Monique Steegers, professor of pain medicine and palliative medicine Amsterdam UMC

‘Connecting and inspiring leadership book using storytelling. An innovative and accessible combination, beautifully designed with awareness of the impact of good leadership.” Jos Schut, Chief HR Officer Randstad

‘A book about leadership as ‘keeping the ball up’ by Marco van Basten: behind the apparent simplicity hides a world of experience that reduces the subject to its essence. And a joy to watch!’ Monique Donders, Managing Director BlackRock

‘An accessible and inspiring glimpse into the essentials of leadership.’ Oscar David, author of Macht! and The Enneagram in Organizations

“Insanely complete! Each page adds value, evokes recognition, makes you think and invites reflection. This book should be on every boardroom table!’ Marjanne Peters, founder and owner of Co-creation Company

“A breath of fresh air, this book, for all those who have been told for decades from management experts that it doesn’t matter whether you are a manager of a pin factory, the Vatican or a court. A relief too, this book, so cheerfully illustrated and extremely fluently written. For whom the fortunes of main character John initially seem to be a remedy against aspiring to managerial positions; it will all work out thanks to all the advice the writers give, which everyone can benefit from. From suffering to suffering.’ Ernst Numann, former Vice President of the Supreme Court and former judge

‘A picture of a book in which theory is a story and therefore fun and easy to read.’ Jaap Heeringa, partner Boer Croon

“The storyline of John and Woody, combined with the theory (what to do with it as a leader), the inspiring quotes and the reference to other literature, the funny monkeys. I thought it was a very pleasant book to read, nice, not as dry as those normal leadership books.’ Malou van der Pal, General Manager Regional Unit LVNL

“This book on Leadership is characterized by an infectious simplicity in form and presentation. It makes complex theory accessible and easy to apply in practice. It is a celebration of learning for the leader.’ Bommel van der Bend, former director of De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek N.V.

“Ready in one go. A lot of theory finally put into a nice and practical jacket. An excellently written book, fascinating from start to finish and applicable in both the daily practice of a manager and in an environment in which groups work with the theme of leadership. It offers an opening to discuss difficult themes. That leadership can be so much fun…’ Helen Richardson, Group HR Director Renewi

‘A cartoon about leadership, is that possible?, I thought. Well, that’s excellent! This book beautifully illustrates the connection between the many facets of leadership. It is light and accessible and provides recognizable examples from daily practice.’ Peter de Tombe, Executive Coach, former partner and director of EY

“What a cool book! Many leadership books are tough and boring, you have to struggle through them. How different is this book; very nice storyline, with practical and easy to read theoretical underpinnings with here and there gems of one-liners that really make you think. In short, I want more of this!’ Jan Bouw, partner Business Impact BV

‘Finally a structured overview, in a practical and entertaining jacket, of the relevant books and theories about leadership. Deep leadership wisdom, rock solid truths and practical tools for every leader. A fascinating story, scientifically substantiated.’ Eline van Beest, CEO Hybridize Therapeutics, founder and former CEO NightBalance

‘Rich in content and beautifully designed.’ David van Rossem, VP Internal Climate Sustainability Program Elsevier

‘In this uniquely designed visual story about leadership, you literally and figuratively see all the pitfalls and dilemmas that you face as a manager. It translates the most in-depth theories in the field of emotion and behavior into the practice of the manager in a visual, clear and inspiring way and helps you learn to deal with people. Because, according to the authors, the core of leadership is and remains working with people.’ Hellen Dankers, developer and organizer of knowledge-intensive conferences and master classes.

‘This book tells in word and image in an accessible way the important lessons about leadership without ever becoming superficial. The book fits in perfectly with the contemporary way of learning. It is remarkable that so much relevant content about leadership is provided so effectively. In 30 chapters you follow the transition from manager to leader with recognizable situations, sharp analyses, practical tips and important leadership models. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to enrich their knowledge and gain inspiration, but don’t have the time or inclination to read for hours on end.’ Hans Middag, coach

‘Truly a beautiful story in word and image, which almost imperceptibly teaches the reader a lot about leadership. Highly recommended for anyone interested in leadership!’ Ruud Nijs, CEO GIGA Storage

‘A crystal clear handbook for anyone involved in leadership. Told in a light tone, with beautiful drawings, so that it does not become distant and theoretical, but is recognizable and close. With the most important message: ‘Self-knowledge is the key to balanced and inspiring leadership’. What a wonderful book!”
René van Zinnicq Bergmann, coach, director and actor

You learn while you read! The rhythm of a comic book is very contagious here, you keep reading. A book that you, as a manager, cannot read early enough.’ Rembt Sickinghe, trainer, coach and mediator

“You cannot learn leadership from a book, any more than you can learn to swim without water,” says the introduction. And: ‘Leadership is learned in practice’. I think so too. Making kilometres, often going on your mouth and getting up again. Still, I think this book will sneak up on many budding leaders’ pillows. It reminds me a bit of Jip & Janneke, who didn’t grow up with it. So wonderfully visual and narrative, everything that John experiences – the writers are knowledgeable – is, as it were, your own experience, your kilometer, your crash. You could turn it into an interactive theater series.” Frederiek Voskens-Nabben, creative director & concept developer – PodiumT.nu

“Great and easy to read book, clear, to the point and a good reference work.” Martijn Drijver, international hockey goalkeeper coach

‘Leadership from multiple perspectives presented in words and images in a practical and accessible way!’ Roland Toppen, CFO MV Credit, CEO TOPLEAD4U, former Robeco Board of Directors

“Leadership is always different; how often do I read that… but this comic book is really different, a picture book. In this way the authors visualize moving with the times. Highly recommended! Because it has so many angles, everyone will be able to recognize themselves in this; that’s what I love about this book. Not 1 story and 1 line, but the diversity! Thank you for these insights.’ Marga Purvis, general manager of Oom Verzekeringen

‘The format makes the book accessible and understandable, and makes it possible to delve deeper into a specific part. I read it in one sitting!’ Guus Overdijking, founder and Managing Partner Victus Participations

‘A very pleasant book that is ideal for reading on a (summer) evening. Educational and not pedantic. An unexpected concept that offers the starting manager a guideline for developing his own style. But also for me (1954) tips and tricks that I can and will use.’ Paul van Vlijmen, general director of the Royal Defense Museums Foundation